CONSOLFOOD 2018 is being planned for 22nd, 23rd and 24th January, 2018 at Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Universidade do Algarve, Campus da Penha, 8005-139 Faro-Portugal.

Many people in the developing countries are burning wood, charcoal or even garbage on open fires for cooking purposes because they do not have access to electricity or gas. Inefficient burning of wood, charcoal, dung, and plant residues is causing health problems, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of solar cookers in sunny areas for cooking, food drying, and water sterilization is crucial.

At the same time, there are also many people living in sunny parts of world using only gas and electricity for cooking.

The potential of thermal solar energy for cooking is well understood, but adoption of this technology is not increasing as rapidly as would be desirable. Thermal solar energy has great potential for food processing tasks like drying, cooking, and pasteurization.

Advances in solar food processing and solar cooking, as well as many other related subjects, are the main topics of the Second International CONSOLFOOD Conference.

The First International Conference for solar thermal cooking and food processing - CONSOLFOOD2016 - was held at the University of Algarve, Institute of Engineering, Faro, Portugal on 22nd and 23rd January 2016. After some get-togethers with specialists from all over the world, it became apparent that the financial, educational and vocational support of grass roots workers is essential when solar food processing techniques are introduced to large populations. Such support enables more rapid dissemination of the technology.

It is expected that the second CONSOLFOOD conference will attract experts from all over the world to present and discuss topics related to advances in solar food processing and solar cooking. Oral sessions, keynote lectures, a round table discussion, and a poster session are all being planned.

The organizers encourage potential participants to submit abstracts in the first submission period before 4th June, 2017. The abstract must mention clearly the main topics of the presentation or poster. The abstracts will be assessed by the members of the scientific committee. The organizing committee will inform each author whether their submitted abstract has been accepted. To submit abstracts, authors should send the file to the organizers (Celestino Ruivo: and Bernhard Müller: ).

A second period for submitting abstracts may be proposed by the organizers, depending on the number of abstracts accepted in the first period.

During the conference, whenever possible, food for lunches and tea/coffee breaks will be prepared using solar thermal energy. The conference fee includes lunches and tea/coffee breaks and it is expected to be around 120 euros.

Updated information on CONSOLFOOD 2018 will be provided at this webpage

Tentative programme

22nd January 2018
09:00-09:15   Opening session
09:15-10:35   Keynote lecture 1
10:35 -11:15   Coffee, tea and cake, starting cooking lunch
11:15-13:15   Session 1- Oral communications
13:15-14:30   Lunch
14:30-16:00   Poster session
16:00-16:30   Coffee, tea and cake
16:30-18:00   Session 2- Oral communications

23rd January 2018
09:15-10:35   Keynote lecture 2
10:35-11:15   Coffee, tea and cake,

starting cooking lunch
11:15-13:15   Session 3- Oral communications
13:15-14:30   Lunch
14:30-16:00   Round Table
16:00-16:30   Coffee, tea and cake
16:30-18:00   Session 4- Oral communications

24th January 2018
09:15-12:00   Exhibition of different types of solar cookers, solar dryers and other equipment related to solar food processing.

Note: Solar cooking users, designers, enthusiasts are encouraged to come with their solar cookers and ingredients to be cooked at Campus da Penha. Interested people should contact the organizing committee for more details.

Advisory and scientific committee:

Elmo Dutra da Silveira Filho, Brazil
Pedro Serrano, Chile
Shyam Nandwani, Costa Rica
Rodrigo Carpio, Ecuador
Pierre Aubert, France
Ajay Chandak, India
Anasuya Ganguly, India
Jignesh Mehta, India
Deepak Gadhia, India
Manish Kumar Pandey, India
Manoj Soni, India
Vivek Kabra, India
R. Shyamala, India
Daniel Feuermann, Israel
Juana María Hernández Jarquín, Mexico
João Nuno Pinto Miranda Garcia, Portugal
Paulo Pinto, Portugal
Crosby Menzies, South Africa
Ángeles López Agüera, Spain
Andrés Barrio de Lindow, Spain
Antonio Lecuona Neumann, Spain
Francisco Javier Macías Fuentes, Spain
Javier Diz, Spain
Charles Muwonge, Uganda
Stewart MacLachlan, UK
Tom Sponheim, USA

Additional information:

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Engineering, University of the Algarve
Email addresses: isedem@ualg.pt / cruivo@ualg.pt (Chairman)
Phone: +351 289800166 / +351 289800100 (ext. 6571) Fax: +351 289888405

Faro international airport has good connections to other European airports. Regular flights are usually available to and from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK.

The city of Faro has hotel rooms at reduced rates in January. Please feel free to ask the organizers for a list of suggested hotels with special discounts for conference participants. Hotel accommodation for one or two people can be found from 35 euros.

Campus da Penha is located IN the city of Faro. Please do NOT confuse this campus with Campus de Gambelas, which is located OUTSIDE the city towards the airport.

Organizing committee:

Celestino Ruivo, (Chairman) University of Algarve, cruivo@ualg.pt, Portugal

Carlos Miguel Afonso, University of Algarve, cafonso@ualg.pt , Portugal

Bernhard Müller, Natural Resources and Waste Management, bs_mueller@gmx.net , Kenya

Michael Bonke - LAZOLA Initiative for Spreading Solar Cooking, optimist@optimist.com , Germany

Juan Bello Llorente, Centro Integrado de FP Someso. A Coruña, juanbello@edu.xunta.es , Spain

Eduardo A. Rincón Mejía, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, eduardo.rincon@uacm.edu.mx , Mexico

Kedar Mehta, R&D Department of Solar and Wind Energy at TinyTech Plants, kedarmehta128@gmail.com , India

Dave Oxford, SLiCK Solar Stove, daveoxfort@metronet.co.uk , UK

Vishal Sardeshpande, Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas, IIT Bombay, vishalsir@gmail.com , India